Saturday, January 7, 2017

We're Alive

I'm here. The dogs are here. Life got hectic, work got hectic, the holidays came and went.

We haven't had much snow yet this winter, which disappoints me. It is currently brutally cold, the temperature is below zero. The dogs love it. Their is an ordinance in the city nearest me that states dogs must be brought indoors if the temperature is below 20 F. I have a dog door, and my dogs choose to be outside in weather such as this. They can come in whenever they like.

Diet wise, we are now Stella & Chewy's ambassadors, so they have been enjoying their freeze-dried raw goodness nearly every morning for breakfast.

I came into a nice venison score a couple of months ago, so they are loving the organic, free-range goodness of venison on the regular too.

Bruce hasn't done anything too ridiculous lately. I have taught Faolan how to "crawl." Smart boy that he is, he picked it up after only three lures/attempts. Neeko is Neeko. Pushy, bitchy at times, but steadfast and a good dog.

I need to catch up on my blog reading, and be a better blogger. These are two of resolutions for 2017.


  1. We are glad to see a post from you! Good to know you're OK!

  2. Same with us! After our Halloween photos on Instagram I took November and December off from the blog. Now we're back in action. Also, I have a new computer so writing is much easier than on my dinosaur laptop.

    So glad to see you and the pups are doing well and enjoying some yummy treats. I'd like to say I'm quite up to date since I see all of your Facebook posts in my feed =)

    Have a wonderful winter day!

    April & Bain


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