Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Gotcha Day Faolan!

Five years ago today I left work early so I could make it to a shelter in a nearby county to "look at" a dog before they closed.

Five years ago today I ended up adopting a scared, fearful, skinny older puppy who was named Dante.

Five years ago today I renamed him Faolan.

The above photo was taken about three months after I adopted him. He was still small, but his coat was a million times better, thanks to raw.

Neeko played a large role in helping him to develop some confidence, as did patience, kindness, love, and consistency.

He is now a fun adult dog who is always up for an adventure. He loves meeting other people and dogs, and will do just about anything I ask of him. He is very confident now, and very rarely fearful.

Walking out onto and balancing on a narrow fallen tree for me.
He is funny. He is smart. He is sweet. He is pushy. Sometimes he is impatient.

He has become my favorite hiking buddy, and he doesn't tire out easily. He learns quickly, and most of the time will work for food.

I love how far he has come, and how far he and I have come together.

Happy 5th Gotcha Day, sweet boy!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Faolan - that was one lucky day for you!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Faolan!!!!!

  3. I love hearing how far you two have come together. Lucky day for both of you. :)

    Happy Gotcha Day Faolan!!

  4. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Faolan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo special! So happy you were "gotted!!" DakotasDen

  5. Happy Gotcha Day to both of you - it was definitely a special day for all. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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