Thursday, April 19, 2018


Hi all! We are still here, still alive. I figure 2.5 months is a long blogging hiatus to take for the time being. I have been active on Facebook and Instagram if you want to follow us there for more updates.

I figure it's time for an update on how things are around here.

Spring is here at the farm. Even though it is has snowed at least once a week since the official beginning of Spring last month.

Squinty faces and a drool bubble during a late season snow. 

Though none of them really act like it, I feel as if I run a senior pet retirement home. Both Juice and Noelle (my cats) are 12.

She really is 12 years old.
Bruce is 8.5, Neeko is 8, and Faolan is the young one at 6.5.

While Winter has seemed to last a while, there are some signs of Spring around. We have had some nice mild days, in which to enjoy hikes, mud, and the creek.

One sure sign of Spring (at least to a northern breed owner) is the annual blowing of the coat. As usual, Faolan is the first to start here, and so far the only one.

Over the course of two long brushing sessions, I completely brushed out his undercoat. I made another dog in the process, and he appears to have lost 10 lbs. I only wish Neeko were that easy.

The chickens are enjoying the new vegetation, bugs, and longer days.

One thing they are less thrilled about is the addition of 12 new chicks.

I got these babies about 7 weeks ago, and kept them inside with their Brinsea EcoGlow Warmer for the first 5 weeks here. I moved them outside into a small, enclosed coop setup near the regular coop. They can see the big girls, and the big girls can see them, but no mingling yet. I am hoping this acclimation system will work.

I am 99% certain one of these babies is a cockerel, so we will see how he turns out.

So that's what is going on with us. Nothing earth shattering, simple day to day life. But it's fun, and I like it.


  1. I tried to convince pops we need chickens. He is not going for it. Play bows,


  2. Wow what an amazing hobby to get into! I hope that your doing well with your chickens, thanks for the share. Really cool post.
    World of Animals

  3. I'm glad that you are all doing well. We have missed you.

  4. The simple life is the best, in my opinion! Oh, new chicks, fun! We will be getting ours in about a week!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  5. Living a simple life is the best! Recently, I got a dog, and taking care of him keeps me pretty occupied. Somehow, in the middle of all that, I kinda forgot about my studies. Long story short, I didn't finish my dissertation. Luckily, a friend helped me out and write my masters dissertation. Lesson learned: keep it simple and be happy!


Thanks for the howls!!