Saturday, April 21, 2012

The best dry dog food?

During my obsessive research trying to find the best possible food for my girl, I read about this food called Orijen.  It was supposedly the best dry dog food available.  Of course, I had to find it.  I located it at a grooming salon 45 minutes away, and purchased the Large Breed Puppy formula.  15 lb bag for about $40.  The ingredient list, seen here, is pretty stellar.  I began feeding her this exclusively for a period of time.  I found another gem of a store, the Paw Stop, which also carried Orijen, and was much closer.  It was here that I was first introduced to premade raw, in the form of Primal, when the owner of the shop offered me a free sample pack.  I gladly took it.  Of course, Neeko LOVED it, and this lead to me researching raw food for dogs.

I started feeding Neeko the occasional meal of Primal or Nature's Variety Instinct in place of her kibble and canned meals.  From the time she was about nine months old, until she was about 15 months old, the only kibbles she ate were Orijen 6 Fish Orijen Large Breed Puppy.  I would mix in various "quality" canned foods with the kibble.  She ate her premade, and I started giving her the occasional pig foot, drumstick, and various pieces of raw meat that I cut off while prepping dinner for us humans.

She (and/or Bruce) have eaten:
Purina One
Blue Buffalo
Nature's Variety Instinct
Taste of the Wild
Earthborn Holistic
Nature's Domain

I switched brands, and/or protein sources every 4-6 weeks.  They enjoyed variety, even though it was in kibble form.  I have also read that keeping a dog on the same food for lengths of time increases its risk of developing allergies.

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