Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the hunt for the perfect dog food

It was late June, 2010, the first time we took Neeko to Eagle Creek.  She had a grand time, swimming in Lilly Lake, walking through the woods, eating goose poop, thus contracting Giardia.  It was also on this day that a few people commented on how skinny she was.  Granted, she was soaking wet, but she was also going through what I call the "puppy uglies".  She was gangly, awkward, not very cute at all.


Giant ears, weird fur pattern...not very cute.

That evening, convinced I was somehow starving my precious girl, I started researching (dry) dog food.  We had been feeding her Purina One Puppy, because we didn't know any better, and the vet said it was a good quality food (!!!)

During my research that evening, I soon found out it wasn't.  At this time, I had not yet learned about the important nutritional needs of a growing large breed puppy.  I saw people on various forums raving about this food called Taste of the Wild.  I quickly went to their website here, and used the store locator.  It was sold at Tractor Supply.  I couldn't get their fast enough at my next opportunity.  I bought a 15 lb bag.  She gobbled it up, like it was the greatest thing she had ever tasted.  She had never been particularly fond of the Purina One.  Comparing the ingredients between the two, I now know why.

More, and more, and some more research followed.  I quickly learned that large breed puppies have specific needs, included amongst those, a correct calcium to phosphorus ratio, which the Taste of the Wild did not provide.  Around this time, I discovered Pet Supplies Plus, with their awesome staff and great selection of quality kibble.  I purchased Neeko a bag of Wellness Super5 Mix Large Breed Puppy.  She next ate Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy.  Then I discovered Orijen.

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