Sunday, April 22, 2012

Supplements-The Cast of Characters

I know that groups of individuals contend that dogs do not require any dietary supplements.  After much research, there are a few that I use regularly.

Neeko is a young dog, she just turned two last month.  However, she has exhibited occasional soreness and stiffness in her hips.  She would occasionally do the bunny hop, running with both legs together, be slow to rise, and pause at stairs.  Because of this, and the fact that glucosamine is widely accepted for use in dogs, I have chosen to supplement her with it.  She typically gets one pill a day.  This provides 750 mg of Glucosamine HCL (more easily and better absorbed than 2KL),
375 mg MSM, and 100 mg Chondroitin.  I feel that it has helped.  While she is occasionally somewhat slow to rise in the morning, the bunny hopping has ceased.

Both of my dogs receive salmon body oil most days.  I give it to balance out their Omega 3/Omega 6 ratios, to help with their coats, and for Neeko's joint health.  Interestingly, I recently ran across this article from the University of Connecticut, regarding Omega 3 imbalances and how "aggressive" dogs may benefit from supplementation.  Bruce has anxiety, and has demonstrated fear aggression in the past.  This alone is reason enough for me to continue supplementing with it.

I recently learned that fish oil supplementation can deplete a dog's vitamin E.  For this reason, I choose to supplement with vitamin for both dogs a few days a week.

I give Neeko vitamin C most days.  While dogs, unlike humans, synthesize their own vitamin C, I have come across mostly anecdotal stories of how vitamin C can help dogs with joint problems, such as this one.  If anyone knows of true research that proves or disproves this, or of research indicating that vitamin C supplementation is harmful, please share.

A pill crusher.  Neeko HATES taking pills.  She will make herself vomit if I force it down her throat, and can pick out a whole pill mixed in anything.  The only whole pill she takes mixed in is the vitamin E pill.  I speculate that the gel cap is less offensive/noticable in her mouth.  I crush her glucosamine and Ester-C, and mix with ground raw, or canned dog food.

I give both dogs Seameal most days, mixed in ground raw or canned.  I tried giving it mixed with warm water, but neither cared for it.  I had read wonderful reviews of this product. 

Les would occasionally complain that Neeko smelled "doggy" even though she was being fed quality kibble and raw.  (On a side note, neither of my dogs has ever had any noticable smell to their breath.)  Since adding Seameal to their diet, he states that she no longer has a smell at all, except sometimes she smells like "dirt" for a few minutes after coming inside after being outside for a long time.


  1. Wow. I wish I was that dedicated. I do use seameal but not everyday. I do use fish oil (I have that same kind) as well as glucosamine and chondroitin (in tablet form, need to get a liquid though.) You have reminded me to add vitamin E, so thanks.

  2. Im going to quit the Seameal when we are full raw. If her odor, that only Les can smell, comes back, I'll resume it, I guess.

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