Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Must Have

On the quest to feed my dogs more raw food, I soon realized the freezer capacity of one side by side wasn't going to cut it.  Most raw feeders, especially those with multiple or large dogs, have one or more dedicated dog freezers.  I have been searching craigslist, hoping to find a clean, newer, reasonably priced used freezer for us.  I finally found one.  I picked it up yesterday.  It met all my criteria.  Of course the dogs had to check it out, as
joke that they must think of the side by side where their meat is stored as the "food box"
It seemed that Bruce could smell that food that had been in there from the previous owners, and was quite curious about it.

This beauty isn't huge, about 14 cubic feet.  But I have read that approximately 250 lbs worth of meet can be stored in a freezer this size.  That is about 2 months worth of food for my two.  The great thing about having more freezer space is that I can now purchase meat in bulk, which will hopefully make feeding raw cheaper than feeding kibble/canned. 

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