Monday, May 7, 2012

Downtown Dog Walk-Indy Dog Friendly

Every Sunday evening, unless it's raining, there is an organized dog walk in downtown Indianapolis.  The walkers stop at dog-friendly restaurants when the weather is nice enough.  We try to attend at least once a month, and last night Neeko and I went.  This walk has it's own Facebook page, and is on  It is organized and ran by Rob Hansen, owner of Seigfreid Academy.  He is an awesome dog trainer.  Neeko went through three levels of obedience with him, and Bruce completed basic obedience.  Luckily for all involved, he is generous with his wisdom, and will share helpful tips when asked.

 Just a few shots from the downtown canal walk, which is where we walked last evening.  We walked the length of it, stopping at Creation Cafe for refreshments.  I myself enjoyed a Bell's Oberon.  I would have loved to have had more than one.

Here is Seigfreid, namesake of the Seigfreid Academy, waiting while holding a homemade chicken cheese scone in his mouth.  Notice the dog water bowl in front of him, brought out by the staff at Creations Cafe.

Unfortunately most of the pictures that I took of the dogs also have their owners in them, and I do not want to post these photos without consent.

The only other doggie photo without the owner's face visible.  This is Tess, and she totally posed for me :-)

 While walking, Neeko decided to show the world what a rebel she is, by not only getting in the canal (five or six times) but by flaunting it right next to the NO SWIMMING notice.

She obviously read the notice, and decided to get out of the water, for the time being.
Happy, wet puppy.  In her defense, it was fairly warm out, and she has LOADS of fur.

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  1. Lol. Chloe tends to do that on the walks too. We haven't been on the walks due to work. We did rescue another dog. :D So now we have 2 red huskies a german shepherd and now a doberman. When we got her you could see all her ribs. Now its been 2 to 3 months she is doing better. Not quite ready to do the dog walks yet though.


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