Monday, May 7, 2012

My Pet Carnivore Order

I am fortunate enough to live about 20 minutes away from the My Pet Carnivore warehouse.  They are a raw feeding supplier, small company, and ridiculously nice people.  I picked up an order today, and decided to share my goodies.  MPC,, and ethnic groceries are where I get most of my meat.

Beef trachea, a good natural source of chondroitin.  I plan on cutting these in half, then filling with goodies and freezing.  A completely edible, raw "Kong."

Lamb is pretty expensive around here.  I was able to get these lamb hearts for less than $3 lb.  My dogs appreciate the variety of sources, I'm sure.  Quite obviously, hearts are one of my favorite meaty-meats.  Very rich, and typically much less expensive than other sources of red meat.

I'm such an awesome photographer...but this is whole ground beaver. It was fairly pricey, but how often will my dogs get the opportunity to try this delicacy?  Supposedly, dogs love it.

Whole ground chicken, whole ground young beef, and Tripe Supermix.  I really don't feed alot of ground, but these make for easy ways to add a couple extra ounces of food, or an easy breakfast.  My dogs love them, especially the Tripe varieties.

Beef spleen chunks.  Nastiest stuff ever. 'Nuff said.  But an important "other" organ.

These items are just a few of many things I have ordered from MPC.  Needless to say, Neeko and Bruce pestered me nonstop while unloading.

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