Sunday, May 13, 2012


I have been contemplating doing a Wisdom Panel DNA analysis on Neeko.  She is very unique looking, and we don't know what her heritage is.  I'm quite certain she has German Shepherd in her.  The rest?  Possibly Alaskan Malamute, Collie, Great Pyrenees, wolf, bear, etc.  It's unknown to us.  This test has a user send in two cheek swabs and uses it's database of 170 dog breeds to provide owners with some idea as to their mutt's heritage.  It can provide breed information for >50%, >25%, and >12.5%.

I have seen these kits at various retail stores for $70-$80, and online for about $50, typically.

I was at my local grocery store today, and walked by the "Reduced for Quick Sale" table, and stopped to take a look.  This is what I saw, and obviously purchased, as the background is my couch.

I picked it up, thinking it was odd to be in a grocery store (not Walmart), and flipped it over.  This is what I saw...

I almost squealed out loud, and then choked, causing me to gasp and cough a couple times, drawing the attention of nearby shoppers.  I quickly put it in my cart, covering it with my loaf of bread.

I am pretty sure that this was mis-marked, but am super excited to have found it. 

I will be swabbing Neeko's cheeks before dinner this evening, and mailing them out tomorrow.  According to the literature enclosed, my DNA report will be available within three weeks.  Once I get the report results, I will share them here, and on my two dog forums.

I am always on the hunt for a bargain.  This one was 2.5% of retail price.

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