Sunday, May 13, 2012

Raw "Kongs"

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I sometimes order beef trachea from My Pet Carnivore.  A Facebook friend of mine, who works at the same hospital as me, gave me the idea of stuffing a trachea, then freezing solid for a completely edible, raw, "Kong" type meal.  I took the idea and ran with it.

I chose to use ground green tripe.

The ingredients
Ground Green Tripe

One beef trachea, halved

The trachea, on the counter. 

The trachea was partially thawed when I started.  I thawed the green tripe, so that I could scoop it into the trachea.  Unfortunately, the center of the tripe container was still solid.  I dumped the entire container into a ziploc, so that I could scoop from the outside.  I made a mess.  And had to use my hands to handle the tripe.  Nastiness.  Even after washing my hands several times, the smell of green tripe lingered.  I have some green tripe chunks that I ordered from my co-op, frozen together that need broken down.  When I get around to doing that, I am definitely wearing gloves.

The finished product.  I stuffed these fairly tightly, leaving an inch or two at the ends of the trachea, to prevent overflow while freezing.  I put these in large ziploc bags, and froze solid.  I gave them to Neeko and Bruce on Saturday morning for breakfast.  They were a hit, and lasted about 25 minutes, which is pretty good, especially for Bruce.

Neeko wasn't thrilled about being made to "wait" prior to being allowed to consume her breakfast.  She is giving me her equivalent of the stink eye here.

 Mean old mommy that I am, I made her wait some more once she laid down and got comfortable.  This time she wouldn't even look at me.

 I neglected to tell Bruce to wait after placing his on the ground.  Needless to say, he tore right in.  Sorry for the terrible picture quality, but I had to include a pic of my boy.

I will be making these again. 

Raw is almost as fun for me as it is for them!

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  1. I did this with a dehydrated trachea Bella and Saya loved it.. I plan to get raw trachea eventually.

    I have one trachea from a deer I split up for the dogs.


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