Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I did this morning...

On Friday evening, I picked up this month's co-op order, from Raw Paws.  The meat, except beef tongue, comes frozen together in 8-20 lb blocks.  I have been breaking it down in to portion sizes all weekend.  I will put some in my sink, let it thaw for 12 or so hours, and repeat.  Yesterday morning, I broke down 20 lbs of beef heart, and some sheep kidney.  Last night, I broke down 20 lbs of beautiful beef trim.  The beef trim is fabulous, as it is mostly meat with a small amount of fat.  This morning, I broke down nearly 9 lbs of goat neck trim.

As one can see, this goat neck trim is mostly trachea.  Unfortunately, I ordered another block of it, that I still have to break down, for a total of over 17 lbs of goat trachea that I have to feed.  On a bright note, it was relatively cheap.

Tonight, I will be breaking down 10 lbs of sheep heart, which is currently thawing in my sink.

All for my rotten dogs : )

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