Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yesterday morning I went to work early to share about 20 lbs of beef and venison from my score with another raw feeding nurse at my hospital who currently works nights. She has a gorgeous working-line GSD. She messaged me today, asking if she could share with me. I drove to work after dinner tonight. This is what she gave me!

A bunch of goodies from My Pet Carnivore! A bag of lamb trotters, six beef tracheae, a container of Tripe SuperMix (an all time favorite in my house) and a container of ground whole chicken! I was not expecting such generosity. From previous experience, I know that Neeko doesn't like the ground chicken (picky brat), but Bruce does, and I'm sure Faolan will too.
This morning's breakfast-beef stew cubes.

Tonight's dinner-chicken back, venison, beef lung, bison liver, Seameal meatball.

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