Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 30

Yesterday, Neeko and I made our rounds at Pet Supplies Plus and PetsMart. She loves to "go bye-bye" and will howl and talk when asked if she wants to do so.

PSP issued an email coupon, for a free holiday toy or treat up to $10 with any cat or dog food purchase. I bought a can of Wellness Core grain-free (for mixing Trifexis in) and scored a gift set of Merrick's Sausage Treats for free!

This was priced $9.98. I'm guessing PSP is regretting they didn't specify a minimum purchase for the free treat. I'm going to give it as a gift to my sister's rotten dogs-Harley, Chopper and Rocky.

A meeting of the minds...

For breakfast, Neeko had beef roast.

Bruce and Faolan had goat trachea and esophagus.

For dinner, Neeko and Bruce had venison roast and lamb trotter.

Faolan had rabbit.

I'm happy that one of my dogs will eat rabbit.

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