Saturday, November 10, 2012


It was a beautiful Indian Summer day in Central Indiana.  High of 71 degrees, with lots of sunshine.  Spent plenty of time outside with the pups, and snapped a few pictures.

My boys, Faolan and Bruce.  This photo isn't the clearest, but it shows the difference in size between the two of them.  Bruce is three years old, almost 30" at the shoulder, and weighs about 100 lbs.  Faolan is one year old, about 27.5" at the shoulder, and weighs about 65 lbs.

Some pictures of my princess.  Neeko is 2.5 years old, almost 31" at the shoulder, and weighs about 86 lbs.

Bruce sniffing something.
Pretty teeth of a raw fed dog!
A couple of shots of Faolan demonstrating single tracking.  Single tracking is a wolf trait, but also found in some dog breeds.


We took Neeko to the Indy Pet Expo this afternoon.  I was disappointed this year.  Last year was pretty great.  I snapped one (dark) photo of one of the aisles.  Plenty of visitors were there, but the vendors and demonstrators for the most part weren't as good as last year.

 On a bright note, I bought a beautiful new collar for Faolan.  It was being sold by a Great Dane Rescue group, but they did not make it.  It was made by another lady here in Indianapolis, whose business card they provided me with.  Her website is here.

 I set some Ostrich liver to thaw in the sink this morning, and portioned it out to individually freeze on a parchment lined cookie sheet this evening.  I feed all organs frozen, as Neeko has some texture issues.  Once the chunks are frozen, I will place them in a bag, and store in the dogfood side-by-side, for easier access.

The ostrich liver seemed less bloody, paler, and of a different texture/consistency than beef or pork liver, for comparison.

And finally, for dinner tonight they all had turkey hearts, beef liver, and a Seameal meatball.

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