Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yesterday and Today

I didn't feel like doing much of anything last night. My heart was hurting.

Yesterday, my sister and I went out shopping. OH and I have some wonderful neighbors who live across the street. We are happy to have them as friends. While out shopping, we stopped by my favorite little bakery/boutique, Bella Dog Bakery, where I picked up a couple gifts for their dogs. They have two Goldens and a Pug. One of their Goldens has several allergies/sensitivities, so I tried to find things he could eat. I forgot to snap pics of their gifts, and I was so excited to give them that I threw all their presents in a bag and delivered them as soon as we got home. I got them some Addiction venison treats, and a cute jar mix for dogs made by the bakery. It's apple spice cake, and the only ingredients were barley flour, apples, and spices, I believe. Just add water and oil and bake.

While at Bella Dog Bakery, I spotted this in the process of checking out.

It's a keychain made by Lupine. All three use Lupine collars and leashes, although Faolan is currently wearing his leather collar. All our Lupine gear was purchased at the bakery. I told the husband of the owner, who was ringing me up, I'd like to add it to my order. He handed it back to me, smiled, and said, "Merry Christmas." This one matches Neeko's current collar and leash.

I already have this one...

...which was Neeko's original collar and leash, but was handed down to Faolan when we adopted him. Now I just need to find one that matches Bruce's gear.
Bruce's leash

Yesterday for breakfast, all three had venison.

I thawed and individually froze some bison liver and the last three chunks of venison liver. The venison liver is the darker pieces on the left side.

For dinner last night, Neeko had a chicken leg quarter and a Seameal meatball.

Bruce had venison neck, beef trim and a Seameal meatball.

Faolan had a rabbit.

This morning, I picked up my coOp order, and my order from Rodney (my favorite farmer). The coOp pickup was supposed to take place Thursday night, but there were some delivery issues.

Rodney has recently started dehydrating treats. The order I placed with him was for 30 lbs pork hearts, 10 lbs pork lung, and 10 lbs beef hearts. I then added a few dehydrated treats, for a total of $62. He did not have any pork lung, so he gave me 40 lbs of pork hearts and 20 lbs of beef hearts, along with the treats, for $52!! More meat, less money! I love this guy!

20 lbs of beef hearts

One of the 20 lb cases of pork hearts. I love that this case was in easy to manage 5 lb bags.

The other case was not. It was a 20 lb bag of pork heart chunks. It was immediately pulled from the box and placed over my sink, as I do not have room for the large block in my freezer.

I am hoping the 5 lb bags are whole hearts, as opposed to chunks. With pork hearts, I sometimes get them whole, some times chunked, and sometimes sliced. I never know ahead of time.

The dehydrated goodies! Some of the venison tendons

And muskrat tails

My coOp order this month was fairly small. I picked up some beef tongue, which I love because they are individually wrapped. No thawing and portioning necessary!

A couple tubes of Blue Ridge Beef ground green tripe.

A couple packages of lamb hearts.

And a package of lamb kidneys.

Needless to say, I broke down some meat today.
My sink, after arriving home and unloading the food.

I had to move the 20 lb block of pork hearts over to show the lamb hearts and kidneys underneath.

20 lbs of pork hearts, portioned into approximately 20 oz and 3 lb bags.

Weighing lamb hearts.

Individually freezing lamb kidneys.

These must have come from older lambs, as they were larger than those I've received in the past.

For breakfast they had beef lung, which I failed to take a picture of.

For dinner, they had beef tongue and lamb heart.

Lastly, a couple pics of the pups.

The princess likes us to hold her toys while she chews on them.

Faolan snuck in, and was chewing the other end.

Big yawn!

My boys.

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