Friday, January 4, 2013

Meat orders

Next Saturday I will be picking up my order from my favorite farmer, and the following Thursday I will pick up my coOp order.

A screenshot of my order from Rodney.

Nothing too exciting, just beef and pork staples. I ordered some more dehydrated treats, to support Rodney in his new venture. And my dogs love them.

A screenshot of my order confirmation from RawPaws.

RawPaws occasionally has boneless turkey chunks for $0.55 per lb, for a 40 lb case. It's a great deal for boneless meat. These quickly sell out. This is my first time ordering them. I'm sure the boys will eat them, but not 100% sure the princess will. The coOp had a stipulation this month. To order a case of turkey chunks, one also had to order either a 30 lb case of turkey necks or duck necks. They offered a $5 discount on the cost of the necks. I chose the turkey necks. With this package deal, I'm getting 70 lbs of meat for $45.50. I also ordered a 30 lb case of turkey hearts. My dogs will be eating a lot of turkey here soon.
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