Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today 1/30/13

Breakfast-Pork heart chunks.

The snow has melted, it rained a bunch last night. This is what I face when I let the dogs into the mud room right before I left for work.

Bruce had enough sense not to go wading in a giant mud puddle. At first I was mad, but then I realized how much fun it was for them, and had to laugh.

I get to work, and one of my awesome coworkers brought me some meat!!

Two large round steaks, two packages beef liver, and a package of split chicken breasts! How nice!

I received a Facebook message that Neeko was "Wolfer of the Day" on the In the Company of Wolves: Wolfer Love Facebook page! My pretty princess.

I spaced out while setting out food this morning for doggie dinner tonight, having forgotten they had bone-in for dinner last night. Oops. They had a little more bone tonight, in the form of large pork rib roasts.

They were happily consumed. Hopefully there's minimal dust poop/constipation. Only from the mouth of a raw feeder would one hear that. :-)

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