Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today 2/2/12

Yay Saturday! Despite me keeping them up later than usual last night, Faolan (who sleeps in his crate) was crying to potty at 5:45 this morning. I got up, let them all out for a couple minutes, brought them back in, and went back to bed.

For breakfast, they had pork heart chunks and an egg.

We got a bit of fresh snow last night, so all three had a good romp in it this morning, before settling in for their midday naps.

A lady on a Facebook group was requesting fur from shedding dogs, to make into yarn. Faolan oddly has been blowing his undercoat. I brushed him out in the mudroom the other day, and left the pile of fur in there. Today I collected it in a Ziploc bag and mailed it to her.

Being a weekend, I spent a little time on meat prep. I prepped liver..

...then kidney (beef).

I made up some Seameal meatballs.

Les teases me about cleaning after meat prep. I tell him our counters are probably cleaner than non raw feeders. My new favorite spray is Lysol Power and Free. It smells much better than Lysol kitchen cleaner.

While out running errands, I stopped by the drugstore (Walgreens). I perused, than wandered over to pet products. I was shocked, and delighted, to see bully sticks!

This six pack of 6" bully sticks was only $5.99. They are of decent thickness, too. Product of India, which I imagine is better than China. I only bought one package, as I'm expecting a delivery of some I purchased from Petflow any day now.

Surprisingly, Bruce gave up on his about halfway through. Neeko and Faolan finished theirs, which took them about 20 minutes. Not too bad.

For dinner, the trio had venison and pork kidney.

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