Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bruce vs the Vet

Yesterday Bruce had his yearly checkup. This is his third vet visit with us, and he has gotten to terrorize three different vets, all at the same practice. Originally he saw Dr. W, a man, who Neeko also saw. Dr. W left to join his dad's practice. Last year he saw Dr. J, who Neeko saw last summer and a couple months ago. Dr. J was off yesterday, so he saw Dr. S. The only vet there he has yet to see/initiate is Dr. B, the owner.

In the car, on the way. Life is good, we're going "bye-bye."
Les has to accompany me when Bruce goes, and he took these pics.

Upon arrival, Les and Bruce waited outside, where Bruce peed multiple times, while I went inside to check in and request a muzzle. Unfortunately this is a necessity for Bruce, but the staff is appreciative of the forethought. I actually ordered a basket muzzle for Bruce, but it has yet to arrive. It will be good to have in case of an emergency situation.

This past fall, Bruce visited the vet that my awesome neighbor works at, due to an ear infection. She was able to get us in the next day, and we didn't have to pay a visit fee, as new clients. This vet did awesome with Bruce, and he was only muzzled during the ear exam. I've actually contemplated switching Bruce to him.

Bruce modeling the muzzle in the waiting area.

This muzzle was a bit too large, and a basket muzzle was placed over it in the exam room.

Dr. S was wonderful, kind, and very understanding. Which is a good thing, because Bruce was a jerk. He immediately started grumbling at the tech, who was also nice. She offered him peanut butter on a tongue depressor, which he refused. When Les offered it, he licked it off.

Dr. S was able to exam him, and was patient. He was uncooperative the entire time. I've asked the office in the past about a sedative for him, and they've refused.

She was able to assess everything except range of motion and his teeth. She also successfully drew his blood. That was an event. Les held his head, I held his back end, the tech held his leg, and she drew blood. There was saliva and fur everywhere. He was stress shedding. Bruce will have yearly blood work, because he takes medication daily.

The vet tech got a kick out of putting this smiley face wrap where his blood was drawn, because of his unhappy attitude.

The exam was over. Dr. S was very kind, and stated Bruce is definitely not the worst dog they see. She also told me she has a rescue who also has "issues" and that her rescue once latched onto to her upper arm and hung there. He's a pit bull.

Les took Bruce outside, took the muzzle off, and walked him around. I payed, and collected a couple doses of Trifexis for him and Neeko.

During the car ride and once home, Bruce acted no worse for the wear, and not traumatized.

Chilling on the floor with Les, debriefing and unwinding, following his visit.

Do I wish Bruce were better behaved? Yes. Do I love him any less? No. Bruce is a good, sweet boy at home 90% of the time, and that's what matters.
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