Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meat Pickup

Yesterday morning my order from my favorite farmer, Rodney, was picked up. He didn't deliver last month, which devastated me.

Glorious, beautiful meat!

20 lbs beef heart.

20 lbs pork heart.

10 lbs beef lung.

10 lbs pork lung.

10 lbs pork spleen.

I also ordered some dehydrated treats from him.

Deer tendons, muskrat tails, rabbit liver and a bonus goodie. It appears to be a trachea wrapped around a bone.

I placed some of the meat in the sink to thaw, to begin the breakdown and portioning process.

Two beef hearts, 10 lbs of pork hearts,10 lbs pork lung, and 5 lbs of pork spleen.

One of the pork hearts was trying to escape.

I'm happy to have received whole pork hearts this time.

10 lbs of pork lung, portioned out. Once again, I used Ziploc Perfect Portions bags.

Cutting beef heart into chunks.

5 lbs of pork spleen chunks, about to go into the freezer to be individually frozen.

Neeko, Bruce and Faolan have eaten mostly turkey the last few weeks, necks, hearts, and boneless breast chunks. I'm excited to have a little more species and parts variety to offer them. I did order another 40 lb case of turkey breast chunks from my coOp, which I will pick up on Thursday. I couldn't refuse the price, $0.55 per lb.

We are nearly out of turkey necks, so I picked up some chicken leg quarters yesterday for bone content. Three 10 lb bags. The cashier looked a bit shocked when I place 30 lbs of chicken on the belt. This will last approximately three weeks.

30 lbs of chicken leg quarters, divided up three to a bag.

Once I reclaimed sink space last night, I placed 10 lbs of beef lung and two more beef hearts in the sink to thaw overnight. I took care of them this morning.

Yesterday for breakfast, the woofers had boneless turkey breast chunks.

For dinner, they had a chicken leg quarter, beef liver, and a Seameal meatball.

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  1. I am jealous. That is a really nice assortment of meats!


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