Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cheesy Dog/Wolf Stuff

For Valentine's Day I gave Les a gift card to Bass Pro Shops. Yesterday we decided to head to Cincinnati to visit Bass Pro and whatever else caught our attention.

While at Bass Pro, I snapped some phone pics of a few items.

We left Bass Pro Shops, and headed for Trader's World, supposedly the largest flea market in the Midwest. It was huge. We ran into a stall where a gentleman was selling dog treats, so I had to look around. I found these.

Tripe treats! I bought two packs of three. I thought they were a chew, like dehydrated tripe braids, but upon giving each dog one, I realized they were more of a snack. All three loved them, though.

We then headed to Jungle Jim's International Market. I love that place, and have even made the two hour drive just to go there.

I saw a pig head, and was very tempted...

...but I didn't buy it.

I did but some duck feet, to be given as treats.

We wandered through the pet section, which contains more and a larger variety of products than many small pet stores. There I found an awesome deal on antlers, so I purchased three.

They have a VERY large alcohol section, and I enjoy trying new beers. I bought a six-pack of this amber (?).

I also purchased a single of another beer by the same company, because Les wants to take it to work.

Old Leghumper. Haha!

Fun day trip, but I kind of felt bad leaving the pups all day.

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  1. I am sure the pups were ok with it the moment you gave them their treats. I'd like to try a few of those. And MOM is always looking for "deog" beers. She got one in Colorado that is called "In Heat Wheat". She loves it.

  2. Yummy pig's head!

    Saya my shiba has one it's 11lbs.. So big! She loves it though takes good workout for her to eat her day's meal. A lot of meat, skin, plus tongue, and stuff. I had cut the ears to give later as yummy chew.

    I got my pig head from local butcher.

    Chicken feet are yummy too Saya and Bella loves it.


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