Saturday, February 23, 2013

BarkBox Giveaway!!

I'm trying this again.

Les signed up for the recent BarkBox Groupon, because he's technically a new customer. The timing of the redemption meant we received two February BarkBoxes. I'd like to give one away!

You can view my review here.

Once again, I need a minimum of 15 entries, so spread the word.

To enter, comment on how you stumbled upon here, and your dog(s)' name(s) and breed(s).

Deadline for entry is 5 PM EST on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, and if entries are entered, winner will be announced that evening. Winner will be selected via random drawing.

Obviously, no anonymous entries. If you enter with a blogger account, make sure there's a way for me to reach you (email link) on your profile.

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  1. BARK BOX! I keep telling my MOM that I need to get Bark Boxes. Maybe if I won she would see how great they are and start getting them for me. I came to your blog because you came to me first and made some great comments on my blog. Well I just had to see who you were and came on over. And I am glad I did. As you may know I am Goose and I am a 13 year old Wiemeraner.

  2. Okay lets see here...

    Met you in the Dogster Raw Food section. Got the link to your blog from there somewhere.
    Conker: Shiba Inu
    Juneau: Border Collie X Labrador Retriever
    Sasha: Labrador Retriever X Border Collie

  3. Here from Losech (above).

    We're represented by Bowdu the Shiba and Bowpi the Basenji.

  4. My cell phone wasn't letting me post.. so here it goes from a computer! :) I have a 5 month old yellow lab puppy named Oakley! Hardly a puppy anymore, she is pushing 35-40 lbs now! I came across your site while looking for BarkBox reviews. I wanted to see what past boxes contained to see if it was something we wanted to sign up for! We'd love to give it a try! Thanks! ( )

  5. Referred here by Losech. I have a Norwegian Buhund named Lobo! My e-mail address is

  6. I was googling pet giveaways and came across yours!! We recently adopted a border collie/lab mix puppy who is 13 weeks old

  7. I love reading everyone's thoughts on the BarkBox and came across your review. I'm a sucker for giveaways and would love to win a box for my chihuahua named Bandit!

  8. I came across your review when I googled the February BarkBox reviews. We adopted a lab/pit mix and boy would Remi love this!

  9. I came across your blog/review from an email my friend sent me! Our yellow lab Reef would LOVE this birchbox, especially since he is a sucker for a dog treat! He will literally do anything for a biscuit!

  10. I am entering a comment for Angie in Montana. She emailed me, because blogger is being difficult, and wouldn't let her post a comment.

  11. I seen you on dogster then haven't seen you post much so I found this blog searching Neeko dog blog on google.

    Saya is a 3 year old shiba will be 4 in April, and Bella is a 4year old white boxer.

  12. I received a Tweet that took me to your review. My wife has been hounding me to check out the BarkBox reviews... Here's to my first review reading! We have a 6 month old Cockapoo named Bella.

  13. I'm yet another person who came across your giveaway by way of Losech's blog. :) Sparks is my first dog, a friendly little year and a half old Shiba Inu.

    (My email, in case it doesn't show up, is: kikainausagu[at]gmail[dot]com)

    1. Ugh, typo in the email. Correct email is: kikainausagi[at]gmail[dot]com

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