Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raw Paws CoOp Pick Up

I picked up my Raw Paws ( order tonight. I'm too lazy to get on the desktop, and can't post outside links from this app. It was a very small order.

I ordered two packages of goat heart, hoping that they would be about two lbs each. In the past, the coOp has had approximately 10 lb packages of goat heart for $1.45 per lb, but these haven't been available. The packages were only a little over a lb each, so they are not worth buying in the future.

I bought a few two lb rolls of Blue Ridge Beef grinds.

Three rolls of ground venison and bone...

...and three rolls of green tripe.

I also purchased a five lb bag of duck hearts, a favorite of Neeko's, and a reasonable source of boneless duck.

My freezer is currently stuffed, but I'm sure if I tetrised it a bit, I could fit more in.

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  2. Haha.. tetrised, thats going to be my new word for stuffing the freezer.

    Nice finds, have you had any issues with blue ridge beef? The store I work at wants to bring it in. They used to sell it couple years ago, but after one customers dog got sick from eating it, they are too scared to risk it again. I feed their tripe as well with no issues.

    1. I've only ever purchased the tripe and venison. I haven't had any problems, other than a roll of thawed tripe popping under pressure when I went to cut it, spraying tripe juice in my face. Some in the coOp purchase large amounts of BRB, particularly for cats.


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