Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Get What You Give

The shelter we adopted Faolan from is a local government shelter, and they are wonderful. They keep a dog and cat food pantry, to help pet owners out when times are hard. This helps to prevent animals from being surrendered as well.

I get email coupons and scour sales to find decent quality foods to donate to their pantry. I made a delivery today.

I also took the recent toys from my subscription boxes and some treats for the shelter dogs, along with some candy for the humans.

I love the staff, and did a little visiting. I also got to love on two litters of puppies that they currently have. One of the momma dogs, a hound/lab mix of some sort, really tugged at my heart. She was very sweet, so I sponsored her spay, when she's ready for it.

While there, my awesome neighbor walks in! It was surprising, because this shelter is in the next county over, and about a 35 minute drive away. She is a board member of GRRACE, a local Golden Retriever rescue, and was there to pull a Golden mix. Oddly enough, we think he might have some Duck Tolling Retriever in him.

Now what did I get in return, aside from the feeling of helping out? I gave food, and was given food! The shelter staff knows I feed raw, and remembered they had some leftover unseasoned hamburger from their Halloween party in their freezer. They gave me 25 lbs of ground beef.

I was very appreciative, and the woofers will have some hamburgers for breakfast in the morning.

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  1. Bless you bless you for what you do.

  2. Very kind of them to remember you feeding raw and giving you some stuff too. :)


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