Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sully and Separation Anxiety

This is Sully.

He's a Beagle/Dachshund/? mix my brother/parents adopted a few years ago from the Indianapolis Humane Society, and about five years old. He's sweet, smart, and affectionate. He has separation anxiety.

My stepdad is retired, but my mom works. About two years ago, he had his first episode when he was home alone for nine hours, and ripped up carpet. I gave them a wire crate that Neeko had outgrown, and they put him in it when he's going to be alone for more than four or five hours, which is rare.

A week and a half ago my stepdad was hospitalized with severe pneumonia. He and Sully are buddies, spending the majority of most days together. My mom took FMLA, to be at the hospital 35 minutes away with my stepdad. She was crating Sully on days she knew she would be gone all day. On the fourth day, he busted out of his (wire) crate, and destroyed the blinds in their living room, and ate over a pound of ground beef my mom left thawing on her table. She called me that night, laughing about the situation but slightly concerned about the beef. I told her to watch for diarrhea and and to try and reinforce the crate.

My stepfather was discharged from the hospital yesterday, the pneumonia gone. Unfortunately he is very weak, so was admitted to a rehab facility for two or three weeks to regain his strength.

My mom called me last night, very frustrated and on the verge of tears. All the stress is catching up with her. After arriving home from the rehab facility, she discovered that Sully had once again busted out, and destroyed the new blinds she hung, along with the curtains in her bedroom.

Today Les and I picked up a sturdy plastic crate for Sully, and took it to my mom.

Sully liked it ok, but he liked the bully stick I brought him more. We are all fairly confident he won't bust out of it.

Sully misses my stepdad. The rehab facility allows pets to visit, so my mom is going to take him in.

While there, Les replaced an outlet and light switch for my mom. To repay us, she gave us three packages of ground venison, because she knows my crew loves venison.

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  1. Sully, dude, you really don't like blinds do you?! Well, it seems any window treatments seem to get on your nerves! BOL
    Well, we all have our issues Sully, so don't worry; your peeps might have 'issues' with OUR 'issues', butts the way I see it, life would be boring without 'issues'...hehehehe
    pees: glads your Dad's is gettin' betters!!


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