Monday, April 29, 2013

Donation Delivery

I watch sales, clearance, and get online coupons for decent quality dog foods to deliver to GHAM, the shelter we donated Faolan from. They keep a food pantry for the public, if times are tough and someone needs assistance. I also pick up treats for the shelter dogs, and donate the subscription box toys we cannot use to be sent home with newly adopted dogs.

My awesome neighbors knew I was going out there today, and Marcie had some food and treats for them as well!

I took several bags of dog kibble.

A few bags of cat kibble.

Some dog treats and toys. I actually stopped at a feed and seed by my house and got some more treats.

Several cans of kitten food that I purchased on clearance for $0.20 per can.

I also took some candy for the humans.

While there, I snapped a couple of shelter dogs' pics, as I have a friend who is contemplating rescuing another dog.

There are many ways to help. Adopt, foster, transport, network, donate, volunteer.

Some day, I would love to be able to foster, but for now, I help by donating and networking.
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  1. Aww, dog bless you for being so generous to the shelter. I bake treats and donate them to the shelter we got Beamer whenever I have the chance. Sometimes I do it for their bake sale and they're a huge hit :)

  2. Oh, that is so FABulous!!! They are so lucky to have you helpin'.
    Ma donates and gives blakets and crates when she can, butts I think the donating kibbles and treaties is a great idea.
    I'll have Ma keep an eye out for sales.
    Oh, those are some adorables doggies!!


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