Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary Bruce!!

Two years ago today, April 28, 2011, we adopted Bruce from a local rescue group.

The night we brought him home.

He bit me later that night.
We had met him with Neeko prior to adoption, and he seemed a bit stand-offish, but nothing bad.
The rescue group promoted him as a big boy who would make a nice family pet.

Looking back now, I realize his foster mom was afraid of him, and he demonstrated a couple of behaviors at our initial meeting that should have been a warning. He grumbled when I went to greet him, and raised his dorsal cape when Les did.

I have literally shed blood, sweat and tears over Bruce. He has bitten me. He has also proven himself to be a very sweet, affectionate, obedient boy.

From the beginning, he was a severe resource guarder, with fear and anxiety issues that he compensated for by acting like a jerk. We attended basic obedience, and used his food motivation in our favor.

Last year we started him on medication, which does help some. I've read of research suggesting that Omega fatty acid imbalances can contribute to canine aggression, so we supplement with fish oil. We have learned his triggers, and try not to put him in situations that will cause him to act like an asshole.

Two years in progress, and Bruce is now a wonderful, sweet boy at home, unless he has an illegal item. Aside from walks, he rarely goes on adventures outside the house, unless its to our favorite park on a weekday. Anywhere Bruce goes, Les has to go as well.

Happy gotcha day, buddy, and here's to many more years of them!

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day Bruce. So glad you are a part of a family that understands and works with you to help nyou be happy.

  2. Happy Anniversary Bruce!

    He sounds a lot like Conker.

  3. Oh, Happy Happy Gotcha Day Bruce!! You are a lovely boy, and are so very lucky to have found such a FABulous pack!


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