Sunday, May 5, 2013

Comfort Zone D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

Last month, on a whim, I purchased a Comfort Zone D.A.P. diffuser.  I purchased it at PetsMart, on sale for $39.99.  Regular price is $49.99.  Both Bruce and Faolan demonstrate anxious behaviors, with Bruce's being more severe.  Bruce is on medication twice daily, and it has helped some.  Both boys occasionally pace, and sometimes whine for reasons I cannot figure out.  Bruce occasionally screams for attention, which is rather obnoxious and disconcerting.  I need to get a video of it.

Dog appeasing pheromone is released by lactating mothers at approximately three days after birth to comfort her puppies.  Supposedly it can work to help adult dogs.  I know it is not a miracle cure, and that behavioral modification needs to take place along with it, which I have been working on, by randomly rewarding the boys when they are not demonstrating any anxiety symptoms.

I used the diffuser for 30 days, until the bottle ran out.  It reminds me of a Wallflower from Bath and Body Works, and works the same way, I am sure.

Odorless, easy to use, easy to install, and the plug-in twists.  Treats areas 500-650 square feet.  The dogs sleep and spend about half of their time in our large back room, approximately 575 square feet, so I plugged it in back there.

I purchased the refill yesterday, using the $3.00 off coupon that came with the original diffuser.  Price for the refill before the coupon and sales tax was $29.99.

According to the website, it should be used for 90 days to see best results.  I plan on doing so.  I have been using it for 31 days now, and don't feel that I have seen a discernible difference.

I will update this next month.


  1. I have tried this product for Phantom and his fear of thunderstorms. Our hous has too open of a floor plan. I would need to have several of the diffusers set up and that gets very costly for the minimal effect I was seeing. I think they also market a spray which you can put on a bandana if you can get your dogs to wear bandanas. Good luck.

  2. Yeah, I had a trainer that recomended this, too. I used it for about 4 months, I didn't see any difference. I had so much hope for it too! I hope you have better luck, it really seems like a good idea.

  3. Have you checked amazon, its only $20 on there, or you can buy a refill for $14


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