Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013 Expenses

Inspired by bloggers Losech, M.C., and saya, I have decided to blog about my monthly dog-related expenses.  I already track all expenses using a smartphone app, so it isn't any additional work for me.

May 2013 Expenses

Books, etc-$55.00

Total-$736.38 is not normally this much.  I spent more than usual on food, because of my large order from Rodney.  There were no vet appointments this month, but my AWESOME neighbor works for a vet's office, and got me 24 doses of Trifexis at cost ($200) from the Elanco rep.  The other $42.85 is for two doses of Trifexis I picked up for Faolan from his vet.

Thanks, awesome neighbor!!
The treats are the subscription boxes.  Books are the book and two copies of Through a Dog's Ear I purchased at the Nicole Wilde Seminar.  Miscellaneous is a DAP refill, and bags of diatomaceous earth and Sweet PDZ.
It really isn't normally this much.  I bought a large amount of raw, Trifexis, and miscellaneous items this month.  We shall see how next month stacks up.


  1. Youch! That's a lot. Hm, this month (for 4 dogs) I spent about:
    $45 in food
    $20 in treats

    Thats it!

  2. I've never heard of Trifexis. Hmm!

  3. Well, I think it would be interesting if Ma added up MY expenses! I thinks she's afraid to look...
    pees: just remember you have big doggies, that tend to cost a bit more, so there's that...

  4. That looks like so much to me.
    BUT... I have only been categorizing Conker stuff. Now, I will be adding in Juneau and Sasha stuff, since I have completely taken over their care. So that will make my previously small expenses go up a few numbers.

  5. I'll have to start doing that, even though I'm pretty sure that I'm set on food for the next 4 months. My main expenses for this month will be heartworm meds and some supplements.


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