Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet PDZ Review

Last summer, I learned that male dog urine STINKS, even neutered male dog urine.  Two things occurred-I adopted a second boy, and we had a very hot summer with a terrible drought.  These, combined with the fact that Bruce and Faolan like to pee in the same spots in both the "kennel" and the backyard, led me to searching ways to help get rid of the smell in certain areas.

I can't quite remember how I came across it, but I eventually discovered Sweet PDZ.  It is a horse stall refresher, but is effective for other animals as well.  It captures and neutralizes ammonia.

It is organic, safe, and inexpensive.  A 25 lb bag costs me approximately $10 at Tractor Supply.  Last summer I went through three bags.
It works incredibly well.  When I first started using it last summer, there was an odor around a couple of trees in the back yard that the boys frequently peed on.  I sprinkled it around the base of each tree, about 16" out, and also sprinkled some on the trunk itself.  I used a heavy hand the first few times I applied it. Within an hour the smell was gone.  Les was particularly amazed, which is impressive, because he is pretty skeptical.
It is a granular powder.  I apply it with a cup.  It is drying to my hands, but not harmful, I am sure.
The heat and lack of rain led me to use this about three times a week last summer, with great results.  So far this year, I have only applied it twice, because we have been getting rain. 
I highly recommend it to anyone with any sort of animal.  It can also be used as an add-in for cat litter, and has various household uses.

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