Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meat Orders

I will be picking up from Raw Paws ( next week, and from Rodney next weekend. Rodney stated in his email that he is going to start delivering every other month, instead of every month. Time to start planning better.

Screenshot of RPI order.

The beef liver should last approximately one month.

I ordered the package of goat lung as a test, to see how large a "package" is, and what the price per pound is. If its $1.50 per pound, I would consider this a decent price/source of goat.

Two packages of lamb heart, slightly over my boneless budget, but its lamb. These packages will not need portioned, which is a bonus.

9.26 lbs pork tongue. Good price for tongue, which I enjoy feeding.

40 lbs turkey breast chunks (boneless) at a great price.

30 lbs of turkey hearts at a good price.

Screenshot of my order from Rodney.

He emailed me back, stating he only had 10 lbs of pork lung, which I will take. Lung is cheap meaty meat to me. I don't feed tons of it, but it helps stretch the meat budget a bit.

Just now realized I double ordered liver. Oh well.

100 lbs total of beef and pork heart. Various species hearts make up the majority of meaty meat I feed.

I will be picking up over 200 lbs of meat next week. It's a good thing I invested in a second freezer.

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