Monday, June 10, 2013

Comfort Zone D.A.P.--Month Two

We just wrapped up our second consecutive month of using the Comfort Zone Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser.  I also did a post for the first month.

I just purchased my third refill, on sale with a coupon, at Pet Supplies Plus for $17.59 + tax.  I am happy with that, as the first refill was 27.99 + tax. 

As mentioned before, the company recommends use for at least 90 days.  After the first 30 days, I wasn't sure I noticed any differences.  After 60 days, we have accomplished a milestone.  I no longer have to crate Faolan while prepping meals in the back room.

I was crating Faolan during meal prep due to no fault of his own.  It was all Bruce's fault.  He would (and still does some) stand at the gate and scream/bark at me during meal prep.  If Faolan got within three feet of him during this time, he would turn on him.  We never had a truly serious fight, but after the first few skirmishes I crated Bruce during prep, and he ripped a toenail trying to get out.  So I resorted to crating Faolan.

Recently, I stopped crating Faolan during meal prep to see how it would go.  Faolan typically goes into his crate and waits, barking/whining on occasion, during meal prep.  The princess waits patiently.

On the occasions he has ventured out, Bruce has not lashed out at him when he comes close to him or the gate.  Bruce's screaming/barking has lessened some. 

I am pleased with this slight improvement.  I do realize I need to spend a great deal of time, and not feed Bruce until he has been calm.  Once he realizes he is about to eat, he runs straight to his crate, sits, and waits with his bowl in front of him like a good boy. 

My special, problem child.


  1. Glad you're seeing some results!

  2. Wows, I am soooo glads your findin' some success with this! It didn't help with me, butts I'm a VERY hyper gurl...BOL
    Yes, I AM a problem child too....Ma says I'm 'special'....

  3. Oh how cool. I've heard of the pheromone diffusers for cats, but not really for dogs before.

  4. We hope the success continues and gets even better. Lightning also goes crazy at food prep time. Absolutely no aggression - just lots of barking and wooing:) We have been working on his sit and wait command. He does it very well once his bowl is on the floor but that prep time is quite the noisy one.


Thanks for the howls!!