Monday, June 3, 2013

Paco Collars Review

I just love getting mail!!  Today we received our Paco Collar that we ordered on Friday.  Very impressed with the speedy shipping.  Paco occasionally has Facebook sample sales, which is how I obtained this collar.  I purchased it for $10 off of normal price, with free shipping.  It's the Uba Deluxe.

It is double layer black leather, 1.5" wide, with those tough skulls and crossbones, perfectly fitting for Bruce.  I really like that it has two D-rings, so that even when leashed, his tag is still visible under his chin.  It is heavy, and heavy duty, a good thing for a big dog like Bruce.
It pairs up pretty nicely with his Bling Bonz leash from Lupine.
It seems very sturdy, though after near disaster with Faolan 's collar, I'm doubtful I will use this for "real" adventures.
I am very pleased with the customer service and product.
 Close up of his collar and tag.
Collar with his leash draped across him.

Collar, leash, and tag.


  1. That is one very cool looking collar!

  2. Snazzy collar! A little expensive for us, though. :p

  3. Oh it looks very bad to the bone! ;) I bet this would look nice on my dog, but I'm sure she'd be mistaken for a boy dog even more than she already is lol...

  4. Very cool! I will be dreamin' of this....

  5. love that matching tag with the collar


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