Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 2013 Expenses

It's month two of tracking my rotten dogs' monthly expenses

June 2013 Expenses



I know I said this last month, but it truly is not normally this much.  For health, Neeko had her yearly wellness visit.  Treats are the subscription boxes.  Gear is the Paco Collar I ordered for Bruce, which was a splurge.  Misc is a DAP diffuser refill.  I took Neeko to get her nails trimmed, hence the grooming expenses.

Subtract the collar and the vet visit, and the total is $162.38, which I think is very reasonable for three large dogs.  Vet visits are a fact of dogdom, but we try to keep ours to a minimum.


  1. Not bad! Thanks to the blog and the reviews I'm offered, I don't have to spend hardly anything in the way of gear, treats, beds, and shampoos and a few chews. Really my only monthly expense is food and sometimes chewies and supplements. I'm not looking forward to this month though; Nola's yearly heartworm test and heartworm and flea prev. is going to be about $200-300, depending on which prev. I pick.

  2. Yeah, I don't think that's bad..for three large doggies? Nope. Last month was CRAZY for Ma...she had to buy Moi lots of stuffs (including a new clipper, which really, I don't think we REALLY needed....)
    Ruby ♥

  3. Interesting, you guys are using a DAP diffuser? Is it good? I was wondering if it were effective enough.

    I wouldn't be able to afford that much. $370 is like minimum wage here.

  4. This is our budget for our three dogs too; but we haven't had our annual wellness appointment yet.


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