Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kong Treats

We won a giveaway hosted by Marquie at two collies and a mutt!  How exciting!  Our Kong treats arrived via Fed-Ex yesterday.  Always love getting mail.

We received a 4.5 oz bag of Mini Meaty Bites, a 6.5 oz bag of Sweet Potato Stix, and a 4-count bag of Large Chew Buddies.

All are yeast-free!

The Chew Buddies fit into a large Kong.  I am contemplating offering them to the mongrels that way.

All three LOVE the Mini Meaty Bites.  Silly Faolan had to do his obligatory scent-roll on his the first time he was offered one.

Neeko and Bruce both like the Sweet Potato Stix, but weirdo Faolan literally turned his nose up when offered one, wanting nothing to do with it.  Two out of three ain't bad (cue Meatloaf).

Thanks again, Marquie!!

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