Monday, July 29, 2013

♪ These are a few of my favorite things ♫

While drinking coffee this morning, I decided to blog about some of my, and my dogs', favorite dog-related items.  These are all things I have purchased, and for whatever reason REALLY like or feel that we cannot live without them.  They are in no specific order.

Bil-Jac Liver Treats .  They are not the greatest, but far from the worst.  Even treat-snob Faolan loves these.  The only treats they seem to like more are hot dogs and cheese.

Yum Mist doggie spritzer.  I bought this at the retail pharmacy at work on a whim.  It is purified water and purified essential oils.  If I had to guess, I would guess that there is lavender in there, amongst others.  I do not spray this directly on the woofers, instead I spray it on the floor and laugh at the hilarity that is Bruce and Faolan scent-rolling on it.  As a bonus, they smell pretty once done.

Our 30 foot training lead.  Yes that's a retractable leash behind it.  It rarely gets used, and I am not a fan of them, especially in crowded places.  I bought the training lead after trying Faolan on the retractable the first time I took him swimming.  He and the retractable are not a good combo.  The training leash is excellent, as I feel I have more control with it.  Plus, I am more comfortable with it drying completely after getting wet.  It works perfectly for us when I take Neeko and Faolan swimming.
Cheese.  Bruce's favorite snack ever.  Enough said.

Pet Supplies Plus.  A smallish pet supply store near us.  They have the best selection of quality kibble in our area, and have some premade raw as well.  Nice selection of supplements, gear, treats and toys.  Their staff is absolutely fabulous.  I take Neeko there for her nail trims, as a groomer comes in on Saturday mornings and does them for $6.

Bounty paper towels.  Due to Faolan's recent urinary issues, I have come to appreciate good quality paper towels.  I took a urine specimen to the vet this evening, but no actual vet was present.  I will here from them in the morning.

Their Fetching Tags.  I still love these.

Their Lupine leashes.  Neeko and Faolan have collars to match, and I have key rings matching Neeko and Faolan's as well.  This company has fun patterns, and will replace any product for free, even if it's been chewed.  I have taken advantage of that return policy, seeing as how Neeko thought it would be fun to chew through her leash when we took her to the drive-in with us.

Bruce's Paco Collar.  I love this, in all its badassery.  

The vet that Neeko and Bruce go to.  Very open-minded, kind, intelligent vets and staff.  Pro raw-feeding, and alternative medicine.  They are awesome.

Ziploc bags, particularly the Perfect Portion bags, and quart and gallon size freezer bags.  When I break down meats, they go into Ziploc bags.  I tried Glad brand bags once, and they became brittle and broke/leaked after being in the freezer.  You get what you pay for, in my opinion.  I put 3-4 pounds of meat in the gallon bags for dinners, and 1-2 pounds of meat in the quart bags for breakfasts.  I like the perfect portions bags for lung and turkey breast chunks.  

Koller Craft Googlies Duck toy, which we received in our April Spoiled Rotten Box.  Neeko LOVES this toy, and will woo-woo sing for it.  I need to find/order her a new one, as this one is becoming dangerously chewed.

Antlers.  All three of mine like to chew, with Bruce enjoying it the least.  But they all enjoy their antlers.  I do not leave these, or any other toy/chew out when I am not home, for fear of choking and accidents, or a fight.

Kong.  This is an XL Kong, I believe.  Bruce will happily chew on an empty Kong.  I have stuffed and frozen their Kongs in a while, but in the wintertime they sure come in handy.  I will stuff with raw ground meat, canned dog food, yogurt, pumpkin, mashed banana, cottage cheese, etc and freeze solid.  It's an enjoyable time killer and mental stimulation for them.

Vetericyn.  Bruce recently had a hotspot on his flank that I suspect was caused by an insect bite or sting.  I watched it for a few days, but he would not leave it alone, and it was progressively getting worse.  I went to Pet Supplies Plus, and purchased this.  It completely cleared up his hotspot in a matter of days.  It is safe for a dog to lick, so I was very comfortable spraying it on him.

Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  I like this stuff because it is bleach-free, and the smell of bleach makes me nauseated, along with irritating my eyes. This stuff smells pretty nice.  I wipe down counters after any raw prep or breakdown, and wipe the floors with it if set raw boxes/bags on the floor.  I do not know if it is any "safer" than the regular Lysol kitchen cleaner, but I am a fan of it.

Chuckit! Zipflight .  This is one of or favorite outdoor toys, and it shows.  This is actually our third one of these toys.  Neeko and Bruce love it!!  It is very easy and pleasant to toss back and forth with another person, which Les and I often do, while the pups run back and forth between us.  We do occasionally throw it out for them, but Neeko and Bruce like it too much, and want to chew on it, as opposed to returning it to us.

Swiffer Vacuum.  We have bamboo floors in our front two rooms, and linoleum in the kitchen.  And three northern breed mixes with lots of fur.  This is quick and easy to use, to get rid of pieces of fur before they become tumbleweeds.  It doesn't take up much storage space, either.  I cannot use it on the rugs, so they, along with the hard floors, get a traditional vacuuming about once per week.

These are some of the woofers and my favorite things!  What are some of yours?


  1. Wow! This is quite a list. I love our Ruff Grip leashes and have them in multiple sizes. We call our girl "Princess Pretty Paws."

  2. Wows, that is quite a list! Ma's is probably just as long (if not longer), butts she TOTALLY agrees with the Bounty! She still buys a lot of it cause she 'says' I'm very messy. I don't agree. I thinks she's nuts. Enough said.
    Ruby ♥

  3. These are great favorite things our family needs stock in Bounty. We also love fetching tags, Weasly's does say Mischief Managed, its a line from Harry Potter

    urban hounds

  4. Nice list! I hear lots of great reviews about Vetericyn, but it's so pricey! Anyway, I may have to respond with a blog post.

  5. Does this Swiffer vacuum cleaner remove dog hairs on the carpet? I need to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean dog hair on carpets and sofas. I watched all of vacuums but I didn't choose one for my family. Can you advise me some vacuum cleaner?


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