Saturday, August 17, 2013

GHAM Dog Days of Summer-Indy Dog Friendly

 Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management (GHAM) is the shelter we adopted Faolan from last summer.  I have stated it multiple times, but I really love them.  Today was their third annual Dog Days of Summer event, at Riley Park in Greenfield, Indiana.  Les and I attended last year, with Neeko and Faolan.  This year Les was unable to go, so just Faolan and I attended.

It was packed!  Plenty of people, dogs, rescue groups and vendors. The shelter was helping to do low cost rabies vaccines and microchipping.  I believe last year they did over 250 rabies vaccines at this event.  Faolan did amazing, greeting dogs, playing with a couple dogs, loving on people, and staying calm.  Regretfully, I did not get any pictures of him doing so.

There was a ton of Great Pyrenees present!  Gorgeous dogs!

A somewhat blurry pic showing just a sampling of the people.

A French Bulldog kissing booth!!  Squeee!!

I had a freakout moment, when I briefly thought I saw Neeko (my dog) there.  A lady was present with three of her dogs, and one of them, in the face, was Neeko's twin.  It was eerie.  Neeko has black ticking on her sides, and this dog had a full black saddle.  Same unusual blonde/biscuit coloring, tall and leggy as well.  The picture is slightly blurry, but an accurate representation of what caused me to do a double take.

I bought some homemade (small business) treats from a couple of different vendors.  Limited ingredients, and yeast free.  Both vendors were extremely nice, and willing to talk about their products and ingredients.

I have a soft spot for Bully breeds, and could not resist this shirt...

There was an artist there, doing characters of humans, dogs, or both, for a donation.  I chose to have a character of Faolan done.

It kind of looks like him...but very cute, still.

Hancock County Search Dogs, Inc was there with one of their bloodhounds, Magnus.

They did a demonstration with him.  A lady walked a weaving path, laying down a scent trail.  Of course, he found her.  This group recently got a super adorable bloodhound puppy named Garrison.  I am enjoying watching him grow up on Facebook.  They are having a dog-friendly fundraising event next month, and we are definitely going to try to attend.

We had a great time.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was nice, and Faolan did great.  I am hopeful that the shelter I love so much benefitted immensely from this event.


  1. Wows!! That looked like it was tons of funs!!
    I loves the Bulldog kissin' booth!! OMD, that is sooo cute!!! Ma has a 'thing' for Bulldogs...yeah, I don't understand it. BOL
    I thinks that cartoon of Faolan is very cute!!
    I bets I could out sniff that Bloodhound!! hehehehe
    (or at least ferret out a rat or two!!)
    Ruby ♥

  2. This event looks like lots of fun. What kind of treats are in the kraft bag? The cello bag looks like cheesy treats. I hope the dogs enjoy them! The characature of Faolan is great! DK was asked to be a characature artist at an upcoming doggie fundraiser. Unfortunately, DK is busy that day :(

  3. Move over K-pop idols and cute chibis. Nothing beats Frenchie kisses. Ever. Squeeee!!!


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