Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Photos

Neeko begging for a Dreamcicle.

A well-loved Bully Horn.

We went to the Indiana State Fair this week. The Great American Frontier Show was there with their wolf show. I highly suspect these wolves were tranquilized.

Strutting Bruce.

Glamorous Neeko.

Thirsty Faolan.

Faolan photobombing Neeko! Hahaha!!

Handsome Bruce.

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  1. Hehe love the photobomb! Neeko looks so big in that first picture.

  2. Great pictures, your guys are absolutely stunning!

  3. OMD! That photobomb one is HILARIOUS!!! Of course you all are glamorous!!! Oh Neeko, that Creamcicle looks yummy!! I sure hopes you got a few licks!!
    What is with the tranquilizing of the wolfs?? If they were that uncomfortable they shouldn't have been there to begin with. JMO
    Anyhu, I wanted to thank you BUNCHES for the POTP!!! I really worked! I am feelin' MUCH better and drivin' Ma 'nuts'...pffffft! (she says it's been hard keepin' me from runnin' and jumpin' and stuffs...whatever)
    Ruby ♥

  4. Man, Faolan looks super thirsty. "Can't.....go....on....." :)


Thanks for the howls!!