Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Raw Meals

Recent PMR meals. The smaller ones are breakfasts, and the larger meals are dinners.

The orange liquid in several pictures is Grizzly Wild Pollock Oil.

Beef heart.

Pork butt, ground venison, goat spleen.

Chicken breast, beef heart chunks.


Pork heart chunks, goat spleen.

Turkey hearts.

Chicken leg quarters.

Pork tongue.

Frozen beef lung.


Massive, meaty beef short ribs and beef liver, both from Jenny, with chicken hearts and gizzards.

Beef heart.

Pork shoulder, goat spleen.

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  1. I just like the name of this blog... LOL. My rotten dogs... they are definitely rotten spoiled with all that carnivorous goodness. The best treat Chooey had for this week was some scrambled eggs with fish wrapped inside.

  2. Yum! Wherever did you get the goat spleen? I have gotten goat itself from Hare Today, but I've never seen spleen. The only secreting organ my crew usually gets is liver and kidney. It's hard to find much else.


Thanks for the howls!!