Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Meat Order

This afternoon I picked up a small order from Raw Paws. (

2 lbs duck feet.

10 lbs lamb spleen.

10 lbs sheep liver.

10 lbs goat tripe.

The goat tripe was frozen and double bagged, but still super stinky. For this reason, I chose not to completely expose. Pictures will be taken upon breakdown of it.

Not a ton of meat, but some decent species variety, particularly with the organs. The organs were also a great deal, at $0.89 per pound. That is the cheapest lamb and sheep I will ever get.

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  1. Wow that seems like a lot to me!

  2. I used to feed Rocco raw for a while (it didn't work out for us in the long run) and I tried all types of organs, but never knew that you can also buy spleen. That's very interesting! Is there a specific reason you like to feed spleen or is it just the variety?


Thanks for the howls!!