Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coolaroo (Kuranda Style) Elevated Dog Bed Review

As I have said before, I just love getting mail!!

We have went through quite a few dog beds in this house.  Mostly stuffed, and one (expensive) orthopedic crate pad for the princess.  They are good for a few weeks to a few months, but once a tiny string or bit of unraveling appears, they are goners.  The dogs destroy them after that.  Not only that, these stuffed, often fleecy, beds are dog fur magnets.  No amount of vacuuming can keep dog fur from accumulating on them.

I have frequently read and seen Kuranda beds for dogs.  Some can be used indoors and out, they are easy to clean, and considered quite sturdy, almost indestructible.  They are also supposed to be good for dogs with joint issues, which I fear Neeko has.  But spending approximately $150 for ONE bed wasn't something I felt up to. 

My boys seem to prefer to lounge on the hard floor, and the princess alternates between the "dog couch" and the floor, so a bed wasn't a true necessity.  I had toyed with the idea of purchasing a bed of this style for a few months, thinking that Neeko would enjoy lounging on it outside in cooler weather.

I had read some good reviews about Coolaroo's elevated pet beds, and found one for a great price on Amazon.com, so I could not resist.  I ordered it two days ago and received it today!  Talk about speedy shipping!

It came inside a larger brown shipping box.  I was kind of surprised by how small the actual product box was.

All the materials.  Four rods, four legs, four screws, one cover.  That's it.

The cover is breathable and flea, mite, mildew and mold resistant.  The entire bed is easily washed by just hosing it down.

It wasn't terribly difficult to assemble, though I ran into a couple hitches.  Mostly because I was having difficulty lining the screw holes up together, especially on the last one, as everything was pretty tight.

The finished product.  It probably took me about 25 minutes to put this together unassisted.  I could not find a screwdriver, and did not want to walk out to the (detached) garage, so I used a butter knife instead.  I promptly sat on it, and it supported me well, and was pretty comfortable.  It sort of reminded me of the cots that we napped on in preschool.

While the dogs were eager to assist me with it's assembly, I politely refused their offer.  They can occasionally make things difficult to accomplish, believe it or not.  After assembly, everyone had to try it out, with Neeko having first dibs.

I was initially concerned about the size, with the fabric area measuring 43.5" x 31.5", but I think it will work just fine.  Neeko made herself quite comfortable on it immediately.  The Coolaroo website lists the size Large (what we ordered) dimensions as 51.1" x 31.5", but this includes the length where the legs extend past the fabric area. 

I am very pleased with it, particularly for the price.  I will probably be ordering two more of these, so each dog has their own. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on other indoor/outdoor elevated pet beds that they like?

Disclaimer-I purchased this product, and was not asked to review it.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Great review! Thanks! LOL I'm a butter knife girl too :)

  2. Ma bought me a 'bed' like that befores, and I wouldn't get on it. Not for nothin'. Nope. She even sat on it, laid on it, put a towel on it, I would not get on it.
    I don't know why.... So Ma gave it to the shelter. I'm sure some doggie is havin' a nice snooze on it right now! BOL
    I likes my memory foam bed with the denim cover. Ma gots mine online at a place called Dogbed4less.com. They really are pretty reasonable, and mine has lasted more than 3 years already. Ma did get a replacement cover, only because I 'dig' at my bed and I wore a light patch in the middle of it, and it looked bad. Still strong and together, and I guess if Ma had the inclination, she could have just re-dyed it, butts she's lazy, so....
    Sure glads you like your raised bed!! It looks comfy to Ma...she has lots of experience with them...hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  3. Our entire house is a dog resting area! Four 65-130lb pups make having decor and nice things impossible

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  5. Don't bother buying Coolaroo's product-horrible customer service. I purchased The Original Elevated Pet Bed By Coolaroo - Large Terracotta with one of Coolaroo's vendor. The new box came but is missing an end bar. I called Coolaroo's customer service, John Rivas, at 1-800-560-4667 requesting that Coolaroo send me the missing end bar to complete the build but he refused. John Rivas at Coolaroo rather that I send the box back to the seller rather than resolve the simplest problem of sending the missing piece and said he did not care if I write a bad review.... Please do NOT give this company any of your business - it just not worth the problem if something goes wrong.

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