Monday, September 2, 2013

Double Score!

Today I was fortunate enough to be given freezer burnt meat for the woofers by two different people.

The first score was from a friend of a friend. She asked my friend if she knew anyone who made homemade dog food, and our mutual friend gave her my contact. Yay!

It was lovely to meet Julie. We discussed healthy eating, and purchasing raw milk via herd shares.

She gave me some grass fed freezer beef, and two packages of venison steaks.

Included was heart, liver, short ribs, and oxtail. There was also a couple packages of soup bones, which I will use to make some bone broth.

Yesterday, I received an email from the gentleman who provided me with all this last year. He had some more for me!

All venison, with whole rabbit, which was halved. I thanked him profusely for remembering us. He stated he will pass on my info to his buddies that hunt, and will provide me with deer organs come hunting season.

I'm grateful there are people who would rather see these things go to some use, as opposed to being thrown away.

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  1. Wow, lucky! I wish I could score something like that for my four (I feed homecooked, but that would still be HUGELY useful!).
    Nola's Mom

  2. awesome place you live in. how i wish i can get some other game meat here apart from the usual wild boar and monkeys( they're pest in agricultural and aborigines here eat almost all parts of the boar)..

  3. Wow, you are very lucky. What nice people to give you those things.

    We don't feed raw but we cook for our dogs. Perhaps I should make more people aware of that fact in case they have meat that they want to give us :)

  4. Wow! I REALLY have to find some generous benefactors in my neighborhood! But then those savings will probably be offset by the cost of the chest freezer which will become necessary...

  5. Once again very cool! Like you, I think it's great that people are putting all of these things to good use instead of trashing it. I remember in college when were dissecting things, someone donated a deer heart and maybe some other organs for us to dissect. Much better than wasting them!

  6. That is a SCORE! Lucky you, lucky dogs!

  7. That is wonderful! It is a win-win for everyone.

  8. you guys are sure lucky
    urban hounds

  9. Wowsa!!! That sure is a huge score!!!
    Lucky pups fursure!!
    Ruby ♥

  10. That is one thing I have not done. I have never reached out to others for raw food like you have done. When I lived in Fargo there were so many hunters around, I could've easily gotten some venison, etc.


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