Saturday, December 21, 2013

Let it Snow!

We had a warm front move through, and because of this, all of the glorious snow has melted.  Along with this warm front, torrential rain is coming through.  I really hope my dry, finished basement stays dry and finished.

Because of the impending rain, we leashed up the dogs and walked the property a couple of days ago, to enjoy the snow until the next snowfall comes in.  Obviously, I snapped a couple of pictures.

Me and my loves.

Paw prints

Heading down to the creek

The princess loves snow.  And water.  And being outside.

Bruce isn't as brave as Neeko and Faolan when it comes to things outside.

Neeko is so inquisitive/nosy.  Always has to sniff and check out everything.

Cute little boy with the sun setting behind him.

I hope we make it through this onslaught of rain, and that neither I, nor the dogs, go crazy.  I look forward to the return of snow.


  1. So cool that you have a creek. We have one, but it's super tiny and we can't see it. I would love one like the one you walked to - it's gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful photos! I know that Shiner would be freezing out there but your crew looks super warm.


Thanks for the howls!!