Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recent Raw Meals and Prep

Blue Ridge Beef ground green tripe.

Turkey hearts and chicken gizzards.

Goat ribs, beef heart, lamb spleen.

Ground venison, some sort of organ.


Turkey hearts, ground venison.

Turkey neck, heart, gizzard and liver, pork tongue, pork kidney.

Goat ribs, pork tongue, pork kidney.

Pork shoulders on sale for $1.19 per pound!!

My Pet Carnivore ground green tripe.

Lamb liver chunks to be individually frozen.

Lamb hearts.

Lamb liver, lamb hearts, and green tripe thawing to be portioned out.

Ground venison, lamb liver.

An all-time favorite, Ground Tripe Supermix from My Pet Carnivore.

Chicken thigh, lamb heart, lamb spleen.

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  1. The dogs sure gonna enjoy that. Not sure whether I would! Merry Christmas!

    Dina Mom

  2. Never had venison and lamb heart before....

    Oh by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Thanks for the howls!!