Monday, January 6, 2014

♪ Walking in a Winter Wonderland ♬

It snowed yesterday.  A bunch.  Depending where in central Indiana one lives, anywhere from 8-15" of snow fell.  It was a beautiful, heavy, wet snow that lasted all day.  We already had about 5" on the ground, so it is a beautiful snowy scene.  The snow, combined with winds and frigid temps have caused some travel advisories and warnings to go out, and schools and businesses to be closed down.  Thankfully for us here, we have plenty of human and dog food, and a warm home.  It was so bad, that my work (a surgery center) closed for the first time in their history today.  Unfortunately, an arctic cold front came through, and our current temperature is about -17 F, with a windchill of -35 F.

While the temperatures were still relatively warm yesterday, about 28 F, we were out and about in it.  The dogs were surely enjoying the snow and cold.  Just so everyone knows, my dogs are inside dogs with outside privileges via a doggy door.  They are outside by choice in all photos.

The princess, not a care in the world, laying in the snow.
Cute little boy, doing what he does best-look cute.
There was plenty of playing and roughhousing, thankfully most of it took place outside.
For as big as he is, Bruce is very agile.
Faolan-"Come play with me some more, Bruce!"
Les being mugged by all three dogs.  If one looks closely, Faolan is flea-biting Les, a sign of affection.
He wanted me to pull him in the sled...
Les was purposely laying down in the snow.  Neeko couldn't wait to get to him and shove her cold, wet nose in his face.
Our frigid temperatures are supposed to last until Wednesday, and we have another little snowstorm forecasted for Wednesday/Thursday.  Honestly my feelings wouldn't be hurt if I get another grown-up snow day tomorrow.


  1. Love to see the fun in the snow!! We love the snow, hate the bitter cold. We did get a couple of decent days too though. Today it rained and washed a lot of our snow away though....I hate that! The cold is coming back tonite too, which will probably turn everything to ice. Oh well, can't control the weather!

  2. I am having trouble staying warm reading all those posts about how cold it is! We don't have snow here in Texas, but it's pretty cold. For here anyways. I don't think I'd last a minute with all that snow and cold up there! Great photos, they look like they are having a great time in the snow.

  3. Beautiful photos once again! Do you dogs ever appear cold?

  4. I hope that you do get another "grown up snow day"!!!!! It sure is cold there but your pups look very very happy!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! Isn't snow the BEST?!!?
    Our mom giggles when Cammie and I de-flea her. Especially when we do the inside of her wrist.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. Beautiful dogs! I can see that they’re really enjoying the cold weather. Seems like they’re so used to it. I bet they’ll feel bad when spring finally comes.



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