Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recent Raw Meals and Prep, Inventory

Ground venison.

Pork shoulder chunks.

Venison ribs, ground green tripe, lamb liver.

Boneless turkey breast chunks.

Beef heart, pork kidney.

Blue Ridge Beef Natural Mix and lamb lung, thawing.

A breakfast of BRB Natural Mix. It contains beef, beef heart, green tripe, and beef liver.

Chicken leg quarter, lamb liver.

Beef SuperMix from My Pet Carnivore.

Ground venison, lamb spleen.

Pork shoulder.

Cutting up/portioning beef liver in to 2.5-4 oz chunks.

Beef liver chunks to be individually frozen.

Venison ribs, turkey breast chunks.

More ground venison.

Chicken leg quarters to be bagged, three to a bag.

Chicken quarter, lamb spleen.

Lamb heart chunks.

Turkey hearts, frozen lamb lung.

15 lbs pork hearts, thawing.

A friend of mine at work recently started feeding her two dogs raw. We've discussed tips, shared stories, etc. Yesterday we were talking about the importance of variety in a raw fed dog's diet. Because of this, I took an inventory on what I currently have on hand, and am sharing it.

-Green tripe

-Leg quarters




-Boneless breast chunks

-Ground venison
-Chunked venison

I'm a protein collector/meat hoarder.

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  1. Love it! I haven't fed pork bones before, and I see you have no worries feeding them. Do you feed all types of pork bones, assuming there is meat attached? I always worry they are too hard, but I'm a worrier!

  2. Hello from NY! Momster has a friend who feeds her GSD raw diet. Mom is afraid to try it with me. She will however give me raw beef bones with lots of meat still attached. I love those!



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