Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sheer Bliss

We got some MORE snow last night.  I am not complaining, but this is currently our fourth snowiest winter on record, with at least one more month of snowfall to go.

Anyways, I *may* have played hooky today...

In all seriousness, we didn't see a snow plow on our road till 11 this morning.  We both stayed home.  Les eventually "plowed" our driveway using the tractor's front loader.  We took the dogs out on a long leash to scamper in the fresh snow.

I got this series of shots of Faolan.  I have no idea what he is rolling in.  It could be a turd of some sort.  It could be hydraulic fluid from the tractor.  Les could have spit there.  Who knows.  But he was certainly enjoying himself.

Something smells delicious.  Is it a deer turd?

Must ensure every inch of my back is covered with this delightful scent.

And also both sides of my face.

wolfdog, wolf dog, wolf hybrid, wolf dog hybrid
Sheer bliss.

Durr face and a crazy eye.

I could do this forever!

Does anyone else have a dog that likes to scent-roll?  If so, what do they enjoy rolling on?


  1. Oh, my gosh. That is so seriously cute. I know it's probably something gross... Lucas does that, and because we know there's a giant rat that lives around our backyard, we always say, "Ooooh, rat pee! My favorite!"

  2. He really enjoys that! I bet he'd love the beach.

  3. This is so cute! haha.. I wonder what he was rolling in..

    My dogs like to scent roll in newly washed laundry. Which I do appreciate.
    They're strange dogs. LOL.

  4. Oh yeah......that's some good stuff!!! I hopes it was something really stinky and gross!! BOL Hey, find something nice like that and do some of that for me!!
    Ruby ♥

  5. One of my dogs likes to scent roll, in anything that stinks! He also just likes to randomly roll in the snow. I think it feels good to scratch his back on frosty snow.

    It does look like bliss!

  6. I absolutely love those pictures! That is one pawsitively happy pup :-)

  7. They sure have a knack for finding the smelliest spot to roll in. We got lots of snow too.


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