Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recent Raw Meals

My dogs raw meals from the last week.

This past week, I fed six different proteins-beef, venison, chicken, goat, pork, and whiting (fish). As with humans, variety, including species, cuts, and organs, is important.

Ground green tripe.

my pet carnivore, green tripe, green tripe for dogs

Ground venison, goat spleen.

feeding dogs venison


raw fish for dogs, feeding dog raw fish

Chicken leg quarter, pork steak, beef liver.

pork safe for dogs

Ground Tripe SuperMix from My Pet Carnivore.

my pet carnivore, green tripe for dog food

Pieces of beef chuck roast, goat spleen.

raw beef for dog, feeding dog raw beef

Venison steak.

feeding dogs raw deer meat

Venison ribs, beef liver.

raw deer meat safe for dog, safe to give dog raw deer

Ground venison.

Beef heart, goat spleen.

beef heart dog food, feeding dog beef heart

Ground Tripe SuperMix.

Chicken leg quarter, venison liver.

Pork heart.

Chunks of venison, beef kidney.

dog food organ meat, what organs to feed to dogs

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  1. Did you feed them a couple of these a day and repeat this each week? Or do you always mix it up differently every week?


  2. Looks good! Beamer is jealous.


Thanks for the howls!!