Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

We have had a bit of warmer weather here this week, with highs in the 40's and 50's.  It ends next week though, when the Polar Vortex returns, yet again.

Anyways, I have taken advantage of this nicer weather, taking the dogs on some long hikes around the property.

I was by myself, so I took them out one at a time, which equaled over 3 hours of hiking for me.  I felt it a little the next day.

I find it amusing that they all pull much less when on the 30 foot lead as opposed to a six foot leash.

I always take Neeko out first.  You know, ladies first.  Bruce usually screams for a couple of minutes when he sees me out with her, but it eventually stops.

hiking with wolfdog
The princess exploring the creek bank.
She did plenty of wading in the creek, as evidenced by her wet bird legs.  At one point she did get the leash tangled around a stone and branch, but I had on my Bogs, and was able to walk into the creek to untangle her.

The edges of the pond had thawed some, though a thin layer of ice is visible in the following picture.  I did not allow her much leash, for fear of her getting trapped in the ice further out.

wolfdog swimming
My girl, almost always up for an adventure.

Next out is Bruce.  He does not love water as much as Neeko and Faolan do, but loves to sniff and explore.  He is most content to stay fairly close, and seems to have the best "recall" when on the long lead.

Bruce, nose down, tail up.
hiking with wolfdogs
Handsome Bruce.

 My ornery little boy always gets the zoomies when he first goes out.  He runs around in circles for about five minutes, and I let him.  I cannot wait until the ground thaws, so we can get our field fencing up for a supervised play yard.

He love the water almost as much as Neeko, but with him I also limited his leash length in the pond, due to the ice.

wolfdog, wolf husky mix
He is somewhat out of focus, but his expression here made me laugh.

wolf hybrid
My little cutie.
I love the differences in their personalities.  Neeko likes to explore and swim, but also just likes to sit and take it all in at times.  Bruce loves to sniff, but also wants to be near us when out hiking.  Faolan is kind of a spaz, running around and swimming, but I attribute that to his age and Siberian Husky heritage. 

Who else has dogs that like to hike, swim, or explore? 


  1. So glad it's warming up for a bit so you and the dogs can get out for some fun. I love seeing pics of dogs out on hikes. It's so relaxing to me. Ace absolutely loves to swim. He would probably be in there swimming like Neeko and Faolan.

  2. They certainly are all different in their likes. Glad the thaw has come and yes it will be great when you have the fencing up. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We all LOVE to explore!!! It's the greatest!
    Our temps have been all over the place - below freezing to low 80s, then back down again. Kansas is whacky at this time of the year!
    Play bows

  4. What a gorgeous "yard" you have to hike in and explore! We adore hiking, and it's one of the things we miss the most living on the bayou. Emmett and Cooper enjoy swimming, though Lucas is petrified of the water. So glad you got to enjoy the short burst of beautiful weather!

  5. That looks like some good exploring! We still have too much crusty snow :(

  6. Nola loves to explore. Swim, sniff, run, all of it. She always stays within 50 or so yards of me. Looks like a fun time!


    PS: Bruce looks so good in that Paco!

  7. Ooooo, give me a good sniff anydays!!! I would LOVES to do some sniffin' around your creek! Oh, I bets there are TONS of good stuff to sniff there!! Oh, now I'm all jealous!!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  8. Taking your dogs out regularly benefits them, both physically and health wise. Letting them go into a little adventure each time you let them out further strengthens their immune system. Make sure to visit the vet now and then for regular check-ups! :)

    Vyvian Gorbea


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